Orthopedic Care
Living an active, social and vibrant lifestyle is everyone’s priority but orthopedic problems often come announced, when they are least expected. You make break a bone or two just by twisting your leg on the walk way in old age, or fracture a hand or elbow with a hard fall on the cricket or football field. Shoulder dislocations, sprains or ligament tears and fractures in arms, wrists, neck, spine, feet, ankles, hips, knees, legs all these conditions that bring permanent or temporary disability come under the umbrella of orthopaedic injuries and care. These are generally non-life threatening, but very painful and may hamper your activities of daily living temporarily or permanently.
Individuals who have undergone joint replacement, experienced a muscle injury, sustained bone trauma or have been diagnosed with a degenerative joint disease often have limited function and mobility, pain and other complications. With comprehensive orthopaedic care that includes medical, nursing and therapy care that best meet the needs of each patient, they can restore physical function and enhance the skills needed to perform daily activities by building strength and endurance and improve balance and regain mobility.
V-Golden Age Health & Mediecare (India) Pvt. Ltd. is one of its kind facility, an assisted living home offering step-down care for the aged as well as all those with a life-limiting illness, injury or in need of a short-term rehab after an accident. What makes the facility unique is its commitment to the cause and a refreshing approach of providing specialized attention and assistance, emotional and physical security, social companionship, a sense of belonging within the comforts of a homely atmosphere.
Our Orthopaedic Care Management Includes:
Mobilisation: In case of surgery, fractures or joint replacement surgery, we’ll help you reach your highest level of independence by helping in pain management, therapeutic exercise for range of motion and strength, mobility training for safe movement, adaptive equipment training and more.
Prescribed Diet: Patient’s meal plan is designed as per the recommendations of doctors. We provide hygienic and quality food. In case of inability to have their own food, the patients are timely fed by our caring attendants.
Physiotherapy: Physiotherapy improves many factors associated with ageing and surgical procedures including strength, balance, co-ordination, flexibility and pain levels. Our expert physiotherapists help the residents to maintain their health, well-being, functional ability and independence through feasible exercises.
Orthopaedic Experts: Our experts offer care at each stage of recovery. Medical doctors who specialize in physical medicine to manage medical issues and medication concerns.