As their walk slows down, our efforts to match your steps, offering a step down care, to make your loved ones feel wanted, cherished and cared for
As their walk slows down…
Old age is far more than white hair and wrinkles. It is an assortment of decades of wisdom and myriad memories. It’s a wealth unmatched and hence precious; the old age – the GOLDEN AGE. And yet, it is exactly then that the unstoppable cycle of time takes most of us through the glow of youthfulness into the shadows and gloominess of old age. The true evil is not the weakening of the body, but the indifference of the soul. Being indifferent is easy but being different in approach takes courage and efforts. Old age, disabilities and illnesses are a trial - of strength and survivorship, of triumph over all kinds of vicissitudes and disappointments.

 Our efforts to match your steps…
V-Golden Age Health & Medicare (India) Pvt. Ltd. is one of its kind facility, offering step-down care for the aged as well as all those with a life-limiting illness, injury or in need of a short-term rehab after an accident. What makes the facility unique is its commitment to the cause and a refreshing approach of providing specialized attention and assistance, emotional and physical security, social companionship, a sense of belonging within the comforts of a homely atmosphere.
Established 5 years back, the Organization is spearheaded by a team of young, committed, sensitive and dynamic leaders who understood this growing need of the society. Hence V-Golden Age Health & Medicare (India) Pvt. Ltd. was born out of cognizance of this social need to offer the ailing elderly, empathy, Medicare and compassion rather than a conventional old age home wherein the residents become patients, and are often left in the lurch of loneliness. In other terms, it also offers a guaranteed solution to families who are seeking reliable, responsive and responsible support for their members, who require special and constant attention.
 Offering a step down care…
The step-down care units are actually a step-up towards matching the needs of the hour and offer geriatric care for those who do not need critical medical or surgical care in an hospital geography but require supportive and rehabilitative health care to keep the flow of anatomy running at its best. An intermediate or step-down facility is a facility organized, operated, and maintained to provide for the monitoring and care of patients with moderate or potentially severe physiologic instability requiring technical support but not necessarily artificial life support. A step down facility can be used after a hospitalization for a patient who is not strong enough to return home, or for patients whose wellness cannot be looked after optimally in the boundaries of normal domestic households. These are sub-acute units with greater patient-to-nurse ratio that give the best attention your loved one really needs in his disabilities or old age.
 To make your loved ones feel wanted, cherished and cared for.
Sometimes the smallest of actions take up the most room in the heart!
It is not always about being the dutiful family member and holding back in fear of breaking social norms. It is more about wanting to ensure that ailing loved ones receive the constant attention and round-the-clock care they need. It is also about considering the fact that such loved ones need a haven, where they can maintain their dignity without having to feel the burden of dependency, helplessness and loneliness. We offer full time, care, warmth and friendship and a home away from home for your loved ones and seek your trust in our effort to make their lives more gracious and respectable.