Top Health Tips For Elders this Monsoon



The rainy season brings hope and a new dimension of nature every year, but it also comes with various small illnesses for our loved ones. The wet and moist weather tends to develop bacteria and viruses very fast. Elders require special care during the monsoons as they have delicate immunity system. So how can we help our elderly friends cope with the situation? Take a look at these helpful tips:


          1} Elders need special attention and someone should notice their early symptoms before they get worse. Diseases like malaria, dengue and pneumonia are highlights of the monsoons. Try to observe any early signs or gastrointestinal disorders and get medical treatment as soon as possible. In V-GoldenAge our expert doctors in-house are always on their toes for regular check-ups and to treat elders, which is not possible at home.

    2} Elders prefer to take a walk rather than any other form of exercise, but rain can't allow them to go out. Doctors advise them to do light physical activities at home. If they can't do it on their own, a family member or assigned physiotherapist should assist them. In V-GoldenAge, we have one dedicated helper assigned to every elder to take care of them and assist them in doing light physical activities in the facility. 
   3}  Monsoon slows down our metabolism due to humidity and heavy food can welcome stomach diseases. Special measures should be taken for elders' diet. Plan out what they should eat in this season.

We also have special food made for them which is suitable for their age. Check out in testimonials, how our nutritional food improved our patients' health in a few days.

   4} We should focus on consuming nutritious and wholesome meals instead of having oily or heavy foods that may cause diarrhea and indigestion. The ideal food options for elderly are hot soups and stews with vegetables and proteins, additional fruits and vegetables with fiber in the diet. Increase the fiber intake in a diet with additional fruits and vegetables.
   5} This monsoon drink only filtered and boiled water, within 24 hours of boiling. There are various water-borne diseases causing serious health issues. So, we need to take extra precaution.
It is important for elders to drink plenty of water.Even though they may not feel thirsty due to damp and chilly weather conditions, make sure they drink enough glasses of water every day. Drinking water helps to flush out toxins and clean the system; it improves blood circulation and stops joint aches from resurfacing.