Staying Independent in Old Age, With a little help

83-year-old Mr. Shaha, who is cognitively impaired and requires a walker or wheelchair to get around still lives in his own apartment alone. He is getting all the services needed which helped him like food and medications etc. But before few months his long-term care insurance got expired and soon his savings were going to be low.

As he needed a 24/7 medical attention and help in movements and his sons were not able to afford the fulltime dedicated service at his home, They were confused about what step can be taken.

Such dilemmas are increasingly common as people live longer. The average life span of a human being is increasing over the years. People 85 and older are the fastest-growing age group; by 2020.

Most of the citizens over 65 will have the dependency on assistance with daily activities like — eating, dressing, bathing, shopping and the like. But with family members spread all over the map or unable to be full-time caregivers for other reasons, the need for new and better options will only increase.

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When senior citizens are living outside of town and they are unable to commute anywhere out. They can become isolated, lonely and there is a risk of malnutrition too.

So there are some reasonable options like old age homes. In these special type of nursing homes for elders, a lot of amenities like 24/7 caregivers and medical attention, physiotherapy, nutritional food on time. A special care and attention are given to the bedridden person also. is one of the topmost health and Medicare facility for such elderly.

Geriatric care, palliative care are some types of special treatments which are totally necessary after elders get dependent.

You should always take care of yourself with precautions when you cross the age of 40. Here are some amazing tips to stay independent when you are aging -

Fitness is the primary key to stay healthy and fine. Take proper precautions with special nutrition and exercise according to your age.

Don't avoid your medical check-ups. Stay tuned for more tips about how to prepare yourself to be independent as you age.