Dos and Don'ts Of Healthy Eating

Nutrition week is going to come every year and it will disappear with quick awareness. You need to get aware permanently and change your lifestyle if you want to stay healthy throughout life.

It is true that eating healthy is a big ask. You need to know that the sweet fruits you get after doing this hard work are unimaginable. Eating healthy decides how many calories you are consuming and it then determines how active you are going to be throughout the life.


Diet Change-

Most of us forget that 'you are what you eat'. You need to avoid the bad type of carbohydrates a.k.a. carbs and all oily food, refined flour, refined sugar etc. Rice, potatoes are actually healthy if taken in moderate amount. You get a good type of fatty acid from flax and sunflower seeds. One should eat more vegetables and pulses for balance in nutrition. There are many diet regimes with techniques that you can take up under a Nutritionist's supervision. For adding more to a healthy diet. continuously eat a high fiber food that is a part of your so-called "normal diet".

There are few Dos and Don't that you need to understand about nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

Energy drinks are healthier options than soda-

Soda drinks like Coke, Fanta or Sprite contain too many calories than we need. They even contain no nutrients. In energy drinks, electrolytes (like sodium, potassium) are added intentionally. These are usually got from ORS, which has been developed by WHO. These can be the healthier and better option for our body.

Taking care of increased cholesterol levels-

Some food contains a lot of cholesterol and it can lead to high blood pressure after it gets clogged in arteries. Oily and fried food should be taken into moderation. Margarine, palms oil, etc should be always avoided.

The type of oil that peanut butter carries is helpful for the proper growth of the body, bones, muscles, and calcium. 

 Nutrition bars-

For today's fast life, nutrition bars are also the quick and easy way to satiate hunger. 1 nutrition bars consist of approximately up to 275 calories and 21-grams protein and it is one of the great options while traveling, working instead of junk food.

Oatmeal being a healthy option-

 Fiber intake is also a must for health. It can be beneficial to cut down weight, cure constipation, a decrease in cholesterol level and cleansing intestine.

So, these are some tips which are recommended by nutritionists which you should start applying from today! Give us your comments, feedbacks and like our page VGoldenAge for more such updates about health.